Who are John and Phil?

Two men, sipping on coffee at Starbucks. Obviously, they had just finished exercising and were enjoying some post-workout conversation. John and Phil were both retired businessmen in Dallas, Texas; however, this was not your typical middle of the week-latte-business meeting.  I first noticed them as they pulled up to the Starbucks in cars I thought only sports stars and famous Hollywood actors drove. Even in the prestigious North Dallas area where McDonald’s has chandeliers (seriously, no joke), few people drove around in cars like this.

It didn’t take me long, as an avid Starbucks customer myself, to realize Wednesday mornings were routine. On one Wednesday, after much thought and anxiety, I approached them. I had to find out who they were, what they did, and what advice they could give to someone like me, just starting out on a new adventure. No doubt this was a bold move for an introvert! A couple sips from my venti Americano with three scoops of vanilla bean powder and an extra shot can really motivate you at 6:30 am.

So, hopefully now when you read or re-read some of the posts about John and Phil, this little bit of background will help. The things I learned from John and Phil helped develop me into a better Jesus follower, husband, father, friend, and Executive Pastor.

By the way, this is not either of their cars. But thanks to free pics on WordPress I was able to find one that in my mind resembles one of the cars parked outside. 

yellow mercedes benz beside trees
Photo by Mike on Pexels.com